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Statewide Billiards    
Player Ratings

Lack of tournaments due to COVID restrictions has caused inaccuracies in our ratings. Please be aware that ALL ratings are subject to review and will be adjusted as needed at anytime prior to any upcoming events. 

Follow the link below to see LIVE updates to our players rating list. 

Statewide Billiards has the final authority to determine rulings on player handicaps and game rules. All players are reminded that good sportsmanship and consideration of other players is mandatory. If any player is determined by Statewide Billiards to be improperly handicapped or sandbagging intentionally to play in events at a lower skill level it is at their discretion to force a team to replace a player prior to the beginning of the event. All teams are reviewed when received for accuracy. Any player considered a detriment to the event or other players will be asked to leave without refund of any entry or greens fees.

Complete the form to inquire about our players ratings list

Thanks for inquiring about our ratings, we will get back to as soon as possible

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